At present United Kingdom law does not sanction an outdoor wedding location to be licensed. However, if coupled with a brief civil ceremony you can have your dream wedding anywhere you wish.  Many couples are choosing to do the ‘paper work’ side of the marriage the day before, or earlier in the morning in a registry office and then have the wedding they really want in the form of a wedding blessing, which gives them much more flexibility in their choice of location. By choosing this option it means you can get married whenever, and wherever you wish.

Each ceremony is custom designed for you, by you. Whether it’s a wedding blessing, vow renewal, handfasting or commitment of love, we can help you find the perfect site, choose your vows, bring fresh flowers, assist in making your arrangements and provide a photographer to capture your dream wedding.

We specialise in creating ceremonies that honor your love for each other as well as your reverence of natural beauty.  We help couples find the words which best express their collective thoughts, their commitment to sharing their lives with each other and the depth of the love they have been fortunate enough to find. Our brides and grooms come to us from all over the world. We have the deep respect for the many traditions and distinct cultures found around the world and welcome the opportunity to include them in your ceremony.

Many of our couples do not enjoy being in the spotlight. They have chosen to be married in a magnificent quiet setting away from all the crowds. We encourage you to write your own vows, take the time to find your collective voice. The voice that sings in both your hearts when you think about standing there on your wedding day. We would be honored to give voice to the promise you are making to one another.

Wedding Ceremony, Handfasting, Vow Renewal or Commitment of love.

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