This world famous ancient monument is truly a spiritual place that bears testament to the beliefs and dedication of our ancestors. While we do not know exactly why these monumental stones were placed here nearly 5000 years ago, many believe that they were a temple to honor the natural wonder of the seasons, the sun, moon and the universe.

If you would like to say ‘I do’  in one of the worlds most unique and iconic celestial temples then we can help to make your Stonehenge wedding dreams come true!

One of the most enigmatic and sacred monuments on the planet. This ancient temple of Sarsen and Bluestone has been attracting a steady stream of pilgrims, poets, philosophers and dreamers for the last 5000 years. A truly mystical, ethereal place. An echo from Britain's forgotten past, a reminder of those who once walked the ceremonial avenues of Salisbury Plain.

Stonehenge Wedding
Stonehenge Wedding
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Weddings at Stonehenge

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Stonehenge weddings


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